Self-Critical Analysis

I have always dreamed of pursuing the study of medicine.  At least I have, I should qualify, for as long as I can remember.  Of course, simply dreaming of doing something doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to actually do it.

  There are countless children who grow up wanting nothing more than to play in the NBA, but lack the talents necessary to do so.Luckily, for me, I feel that I have been gifted with the natural talents necessary to fulfill my dream.  And, whatever other qualifications I thought were necessary to achieve that goal, I have fought fiercely to attain.Academically, I believe that I am certainly qualified to begin my study of medicine.  I have consistently, throughout my academic career, endeavored to do as well, and learn as much, as I possibly could.  In fact, during this time period leading up to my entrance into medical school, my major flaw has probably been that I’ve had too much of a sense that I needed to be perfect, that I needed to never stop striving for my goal.

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I feel that my personality also sets me apart as someone who is definitely cut out for medical school.  I have a solid sense of organization, a tough work ethic, and a belief in the core values around which the medical profession is centered.  Similarly, I firmly believe that I have both the mental and physical aptitude that are necessary to achieve great things within the practice of medicine.  All in all, it is for these combined reasons that I feel I am a superb candidate for admission to your fine institution and that I can become an excellent resource for the surrounding community upon my graduation.