Self Harm

Self Harm You probably don’t know what self harm is. Self harm is a nonsuicidal self-injury, deliberating harming the surface of your own precious body, it’s also an unhealthy way to cope(deal with) your emotional pain. The most common form of self-harm is cutting and burning. The least common form of self harm is pulling out boldly hair, punching walls, and ingesting toxic. Nowadays self harm is very accurate,and we need to stop it! All Behaviors of Self-Injury There are many self-injury behaviors you can do.

1. “Cutting, cutting is usually used with a blade or a sharp knife.” 2. “Burning,burning is when you burn yourself, you use a lighter or a burning object like a stove or hot metal.” 3.”Re-opening wounds, you pick at the wounds until they bleed out.

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” 4. “Hair pulling, when you’re hair pulling, you just pull them out boldly, like you’re not hesitating to pull out hairs.” 5. “Head banging, when you just bang your head on anything hard,a hard surface.” 6.

“Hitting and breaking objects, like just throwing objects and hitting it with something such as a hammer.” 7. “Bone-breaking, when you hit your bone up against something hard that would break.” All these behaviors are a sign of self-injury, that can hurt you. Ways to Help you Stop With all of that cutting, you can also stop it. There are several ways to stop self harm.

1. “Keep yourself busy at the normal time you hurt yourself.” 2. “Stay away from the place where you typically self harm.” 3.”Trash any tools you use to self-injure.

” 4.”Stop yourself by removing some steps.” I believe this can really help you overcome self-injury! Concluding As you can see self-harm is not a very good state. It’s really dangerous to your personal human body. There are many ways for you to stop.

Half of the people who do self-harm has been sexually abused. “Also, (90%) of teens are engaged into it.” I really hope this can help some teens overcome this problem!