Everyday weekday I go to my high school and hear the same old complaints. People seem to be constantly griping about too much homework and exams.

I personally don’t think that our work is too hard or too much most of the time. I’ve noticed that in my school the main concentration of complainers are the people in average or regular classes. I’m in all advance placement classes and have for the most part excelled greatly in school. I have no secret formula to my success but I guess I ended up this way because even when I didn’t feel like it, I pushed myself to do well. I need something challenging in order to stay interested. I think that if the people who are currently taking the easy way out were to push themselves harder they would find schoolwork more rewarding.

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Our teachers are doing the best they can but they can’t force you to be self-motivated. Your education is a huge determining factor in your future. Start caring!