Sex vs

Over the past years, there has been a perception whereby the male gender is believed to be superior to the female. According to Liese, biology alone is not enough to define and determine one’s gender. Additionally, sex is determined by biology after conception and is distinguished by one’s chromosomal makeup. One is either XX (male) or XY (female).

On the other hand, gender is obtained in social stratification. Unlike sex, gender is determined by culture and society that one is brought up in. Society plays a vital role in determining a child’s gender and is responsible in molding their ways of thinking. Female activists have been fighting against gender discrimination for years so as attained the value of social identity in society. However, Male activists argue that if women need to be treated fairly they also have to play fairly by not getting any exceptional treatment because of their gender. Evidently, sex does not determine gender and it does not deprive one of having privileges.

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Apart from biological description of body parts, both male and female have equal abilities in dominating their social lives. After all, what a man can do, a woman can do better. In response to Annalese’s post, I am in agreement that gender is what defines an individual while sex is just the biological theory behind males and females. Based on the fact that the binary system of gender leaves out the androgynous people, I support the need to promote a transgender system so that they may also find a place in the society. Religions have a role to educate the society on the importance of accepting all types of individuals.

Retaining anger and remaining conservative will only alienate certain individuals from the society. Therefore, it is the role of parents and the society at large to push for the rights of all forms of gender.