Sexual Education in schools

Personaly as teen and in high school we need sex ed. If you look around at the world today most teen girls from age 13-19 are pregant.

Some school do have sex ed but only about a week or two out of the whole year. No one realizes that teens want to have kids at early ages. Also there are many young teens that go out and party and sometimes things dont go as they planed. Usealy teens loose trust in there parents and run off with there boyfriend/girlfriend and they think sex is the answer to everything. I think that schools should take a look around and look more into sexual education for reasons like this. Young teens think that if you have sex with a condom nothing will happen but their wrong.

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You can wear a condom and still end up pregant, guys dont understand how easy it is to get a girl pregant and ruin your WHOLE life. If more schools had sex ed i think the population of teen parents may go down alot.