Sexual Issuers

Sexual issuers in marriage are a common phenomenon, where one of the partners may experience dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction could arise due to lack of understanding between the couples, or partners failing to meet sexual expectations. A partner may have a formed mind of what to expect and when this level is not attained, the individual suffers dissatisfaction. It frequently gets worse if communication between the two partners is poor. Therefore, dissatisfaction becomes another reason why a marriage may come to an end.

Marriage infidelity is when a partner gets involved sexually with another person, without consent from their partner. Infidelity may lead to dissolution of marriage if there is sufficient evidence of cheating. Cheating in marriage is attributed to dissatisfaction, negligence, poor communication, and many more. Infidelity has led to the separation of many couples in society, as cases of cheating are on the increase leading to lack of trust. Despite the many cases that discourage marriage, there are still concrete reasons to why marriage is the most enjoyable institution.

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These reasons are as follows; better sex, financial stability, better health and stronger companionship. Sex in marriage is more fulfilling than sexual experience outside marriage (Sussman and Peterson 20). Almost half of the married men say they are satisfied sexually in their marriage, while only a third of them say they are okay to have sex outside marriage. Most married couples are financially stable because, marriage involves responsibilities many of which require money. These responsibilities, make couples work extra har to earn extra income to meet the family’s need and for investment. On the same note, married men are likely to get promotions at their work place, thus, earning additional money for the family.

When married, couples use money responsibly, they are able them to save extra money that will uplift the family in times of need. Marriage also ensures better health for both partners. Married couples have low risks of contracting sexual diseases; holding the fact that they remain faithful to each other. Furthermore, unmarried individuals are likely to get involved in the use of drugs such as smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption (Vangelisti and Reis 24). These habits are known to trigger diseases like cancer and liver cirrhosis. Married persons spend time with their families destructing them from unhealthy habits; hence, live a healthy comfortable life.

Marriage provides companionship, which lucks in the unmarried couples. This plays a significant role in solving personal problems. In marriage, individuals have someone to listen to their problems, and offer solutions to the issues. This makes the affected persons feel appreciated and cared for by their loved ones. Problems shared are problems half solved also shared joy is double joy; thus, married people will find it easier to deal with difficulties than the unmarried individuals.

In present day, people are reluctant to get married for fear of divorce. This is because; most people of this generation have been brought up by single parents as a result of divorce. People also avoid marriage because; many partners do not marry for the purpose of commitment, but material possession (Vangeliisti and Reis 40). In such a case, individuals of lower financial status get married to well of partners, and find causes for divorce so that they get to share the wealth. A lot has changed in present day compared to the past years. Marriage between people of the same sex has been legalized in many western states.

In marriage, there are two different roles; the gender roles and the marriage roles. Over a long, time gender roles remained the same until in the current generation where changes occurred. In the past, it was expected that the man should be the bread winner while the woman remained at home to after the kids. Time changed this belief, and in the recent generation, both parties share responsibilities to raise a family. Change in gender role has brought value to the society; both male and female can utilize their abilities to the extreme.

Everyone can perfect on what they are best in giving excellent results since they are driven by passion and not gender role ( Peterson 17). Sharing of roles by both sexes has brought a different view towards females in the society. Women enjoy complete support from men, as gender bias diminishes over time. Marriage is one of the most essential institutions in society, and it should be embraced. The society should look towards advocating for marriage, and change the negative attitude towards closing ties.

Marriage is a blessing form God, which should bring happiness between united couples who opt to live as one. This is a binding that connects two separate individuals who share the best and the worst, and it is through their differences that they raise a happy family.