Shaping Students Attitudes about Learning

It can take a lot to shape a students attitude about learning. From parents, to friends, and even teachers, they all can play a huge part in how students go about learning. It all begins in elementary school when a students attitude about learning is really established. A parent’s role in students learning plays a huge factor when they are younger.

My aunt makes her son read every single night so now reading comes naturally to him and he views it as enjoyable.

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My parents never had me read which is why now, I have such a hard time reading for fun and understanding different readings at school. When parents engage in their child’s schoolwork, it can really help them be more motivated and have a more positive outlook on learning. Not only do parents have a huge role on students attitudes, student’s friendships also play a part.

If students are hanging around friends who don’t care or have any motivation, their attitude will rub off onto other students and vice versa. I once had a boyfriend who had never been to college in his life and was always so negative about school and learning new things.

I have always been in college after graduating high school and hanging around him made me very closed minded about learning and attending school. Last, and most important, teachers and professors have a huge part In shaping students attitudes about learning.

If a teacher can’t engage with the students and really grab their attention about subjects, students will have a really poor attitude toward learning more. Take a boring subject like history for example; If the teacher makes class and the subject more fun students are more likely to have a more positive outlook on the subject matter. Many different things can Influence a student’s attitude about learning however, parents, friends, and teachers have the biggest Impact on students.