Should Naps Be Taken During School? – Free Essay

It’s no secret that high schooler’s don’t get enough sleep. Between coke-filled, all night videogame binges and the internet, somehow we forget that we should probably get our recommended eight hours.

We end up crashing right after (and sometimes during) school, resulting in no homework being done, and a serious failing grade. Highschoolers love naps. They’re our favourite thing after food and our phones, and honestly, if we were offered a scheduled nap during school, you can bet we’d take it. Nap taking is healthy. It helps improve your heart and longevity, helps you avoid gaining weight, and helps restore alertness. You can’t argue with the science of sleep! Naps taken around one pm, when most people’s energy naturally flags, help you stay alert for the rest of the day so you can finish your work.

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Naps also help you resist junk food by making your will stronger because you’re more alert. Naps help reduce strain on your heart, which increases your longevity. Long story short: Naps are Helpful not Hurtful. We all know that it’s nearly impossible to keep teens awake during an hour long history lesson, but they need this information! How else are we supposed to avoid the repetition of dangerous historical disasters like World War One or the Holocaust? How are we supposed to meet our future accountants and web programmers if Cindy and Joe can’t stay awake during Calculus? If there was a set half hour during the school day for kids to take a quick nap, they wouldn’t be taking them in class, which, I’m sure we could all agree, would be an improvement. Like I’ve said, kids can’t seem to stay awake during class. Knowing that they just needed to hold out for another half an hour could be the difference between sleeping through, and failing, their Algebra test, and getting an A+.

Getting that regular nap every school day also keeps us up for homework after school, instead of just crashing on the couch as soon as we get home. With their homework done and passing grades in all of their classes, kids would be thrilled, and without having to put in more effort than should be required of the average 15-17 year old student. These kids test scores would soar, the percentage of drop outs would dwindle, and, all in all, our education program would improve. In conclusion, naps in a high school setting have many benefits. They help with concentration, health, and grades.

Getting today’s teenagers to get a full night’s sleep in nearly impossible, and their energy naturally flags by about 1 pm anyway. Naps just make sense.