Should Schools Offer Students Better Quality Food?

Are school meals safe to eat? Are schools meals helping students learn better in their classes? These research articles may answer your question to find out if school meals are safe or not. My opinion states that schools should provide students quality food for learning, extracurricular activities, and smart thinking.

For example, it doesn’t seem fresh or even cooked enough to eat which probably isn’t healthy for student’s bodies. No parent would feed their child meat from “old birds” is exactly what children are being served at school, as found by USA Today’s investigation. The article was written by Public School Review’s website called, Why Fast Food is “healthier’ Than School Lunches: The Shocking USDA Truth and written by Grace Chen on July 02, 2017. This is important because it proves that school meals aren’t being freshly made for humans to eat. In fact, school lunches have shocks and surprises for students and their parents.

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The prevalence of E. coli in school lunches has already been scrutinized, but there are more shocks in store for parents and public-school students. Research found by NEA Today on “Why Healthy School Lunch Standards Are worth Fighting for”, written by Donna West. This proves my point because students don’t know what schools are feeding them and eating daily. Also, school lunches aren’t helping students learn better in my opinion. In fact, school children around the U.

S. eating meat that falls short of safety standards of many fast food restaurants, The USA Today reported. Research found by Public School Review. To conclude, a counterargument stated was that, chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, and iceberg lettuce salads: these nutritionally questionable food choices are common fare on public school menus. Researched found by Project Bread called “5 reasons You Should Care about School Food”.

Students should care about what their eating, but it needs to be real and something kids should feel safe to eat and enjoyable. My position states schools should feed children better quality food than the food schools give them so students can enjoy what their eating.