Should Students Get Paid for Good Grades?

Students shouldn’t get paid for having good grades in school there are a lot of reasons why students shouldn’t get paid for grades. One reason is because the kids are going to be so used to being paid in middle school and high school for having good grades but when they get to college there not going to be paid for grades anymore. Also it depends on how much money is actually getting paid if it’s like 5$ I doubt it that anyone would really want to try and get good grades and focus more just for 5$. I wouldn’t even do that and I am a sophomore in high school. Another reason why kids shouldn’t get paid for getting good grades is what if some kids are getting good grades and keep on getting money for having good grades and the kids who are trying hard for those same grades as the other kids are not getting the money because they are not getting those same grades and it is going to make them feel bad about themselves and make them feel like not even coming to school anymore because they are trying so hard for that same grade but they can’t seem to get it.

School is not about just going to go get money and just come home and go spend it. School is about learning and trying your hardest and wanting to succeed in life it is not about money Kids are only going to go to school just for money there not going to care for learning and trying hard all there going to worry about is money, it is like there is no reason to come to school if all there worrying about is just the money.

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