Should Students take Standardized Tests

Should Students take Standardized Tests? Is standardized testing really that important? After all, it is what schools use to measure students’ learning capabilities. But does it really measure a student’s full potential? Or does it provide nothing but stress and pressure? Once you read my opinion on standardized testing, you may want to think twice before taking another test! I am a 7th grader who takes standardized tests just like most of you. One of the very problems that trouble me, and maybe you, is all the stress! And not to mention the teachers! For example, Alyssa McKinney, an 8th grader in Whitesburg Middle School at Huntsville, Alabama refused to take a standardized test because of all the stress.

As a punishment, she was later suspended. It provides loads of stress to the educator and the learner. Standardized testing doesn’t benefit students too much. Another reason why standardized tests are nothing but trouble is because they don’t always show students’ learning capabilities and current level. Many schools rely on these tests to measure, compare, and analyze students’ current level.

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I think it’s ridiculous! During the test, students may get nervous and get out of focus, in turn, provides the wrong analysis of what a student can actually do. If you compare an average student’s class assignment score to their test score, he/she will mostly likely have a higher score on the class assignment. This is because the student is not stressed, pressured, or limited to their learning capabilities. Another reason why these tests hinder a student’s learning potential is that during test season, teachers will only be able to “teach to the test”. This will drastically lower a student’s learning potential. Also students will only be able to learn test subjects (Math, ELA, Science, S.

S, etc.) and no other topics and subjects they are interested in. Therefore, I think standardized testing should be banned, if not, avoided. Standardized tests will provide nothing but trouble, pressure, and stress. It interferes with many of students’ learning opportunities.

That is why it is extremely, out-of –of-this-world, preposterous.