Should Syrian Refugees Be Allowed In America

Imagine living in a country that does not want you because you don’t support the current, leader, a dictator.

Yet, they will not let you go because they do not want the world to know what is really going on inside the borders and how citizens are treated daily in life. This is a country in which citizens are constantly in fear of being tortured, executed, starved, and imprisoned. These individuals are Syrians, and syrian refugees are begging for the world’s help. ” we have witnessed bad circumstances and all we’re asking for is a place of freedoms, a place of dreams”. Currently, there is much debate about letting Syrian refugees in America because it might put some citizens at risk.

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This is due to the slight chance that some of the individuals passing through immigration as so called “refugees” are reallyterrorists, planning on committing a heinous act in the future. This could then endanger people in the United States or other places in the world. However, these refugees need a safe place to call home. Based on the media, these ideas are present daily in society and causing individuals to take a side. With the upcoming presidential election and the past Paris attacks United States citizens, and politicians are taking a stand about whether to let Syrian refugees into the United States or put a ban until further notice.

Individuals in America believe that Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the United States. According to the guardian, “Not allowing refugees in America makes citizens of the U.S feel safer and more protected”. What this is saying, is that some citizens believe the country will feel safer if less refugees are welcomed with open arms. In addition, more than half of the U.S Governors have stated they will no longer provide placement for Syrian refugees.

Governors are taking a stand based on their own opinions, as well as the citizens they represent in their state. This is constantly in the news, forming more opinions on this topic or which side to take. Lastly,for example, the New Jersey Governor argued, ” It poses a great risk to national security”. With the recent Paris attacks this made the U.S leaders and citizens more hesitant of letting refugees in, due to the fact that some of the refugees coming through might be terrorists and cause a future terror attack.

Refugees might pose a risk and some believe this idea would save lives. However, not everyone thinks not letting Syrian refugees in America is fair.According to Gabrielle Simpson a website Blogger on “The Odyssey”, she states,”ISIS does not support the majority of Muslim Syrians and that the Syrians are even bigger victims of ISIS than U.S. citizens”. Therefore, what Simpson is stating means that by the United States not taking refugees they are encouraging Muslims to join ISIS and if U.

S accepted them with open arms the U.S would promote equality and freedom. ” when I was back in Syria America was my motivation, I dreamed because of America, I kept all my dreams instead of throwing them away”. Another example comes from President Obama. According to President Obama he states that a rejection of Syrian refugees is a ” betrayal of our values”.This example shows that Obama is stating that by immigration slamming the door on refugees the United States is not upholding its American values and morals.

” the roots of America are refugees, the visit his great nation, they brought new ideas and our nation is falling apart and they can be the glue that can bring us back together”. Obama also responded to an idea from Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz about his idea of only letting Christian refugees rather than Syrian Muslim refugees into the United States. Obama stated,”When I heard political leaders suggest that there would be a religious test for which a person who’s fleeing a warn-torn country is admitted…

that’s shameful,”. Therefore Obama meant that that’s not who Americans are and should not label others. Americans should not add a religious test to immigration to protect their citizens. ” our differences unite us and if we judge by religion, the color of skin, and the nationality then nothing can protect us”. Individuals should pick a side by thinking heavily on a topic and not jump to any conclusions before making a final decision. Decisions should not be made out of hate and prejudice.