Should Vending Machines Be Allowed in School?

Vending machines should be allowed in every school. Most students do not eat school lunch, others cannot leave school campus to go get lunch, and many do not bring lunch from home.

Throughout school I am not really hungry, but a snack here and there is good. Not all vending machines have to have unhealthy snacks in them. Another good reason to have vending machines in school is to help school profit. With the money a school makes in a vending machine, they could buy new school supplies/equipment. So much money can be made off vending machines.

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A big issue with having vending machines is that the high calorie snacks cause obesity. That is not true because not all snacks are unhealthy. Having vending machines give students the right to make the decision to eat healthy or unhealthy things. There really is not a valid reason why there shouldn’t be vending machines in school. In a interview, North Babylon student, D’jai Baker, said “If it wasn’t for vending machines I would starve from 7:30 to 2:05.

” Going to vending machines should not cut into class time though. Students should buy what they want during the switching of classes or during lunch time. Allowing vending machines in school also eliminate lots of food being wasted. If students have the option to get lunch or go to the vending machine, they would be getting what they wanted and less food would go to waste. And again there are a such thing as healthy vending machines. What makes school lunch (greasy pizza, fries, chicken, etc) any healthier than what a vending machine has to offer?