Should we have mixed schools? – Free Essay Sample

Can mixed schools be bad? No mixed schools are better. The loud sound mostly comes in mixed schools. When kids grow up and get a job they will have to work together and most likely be working in partners with their opposite gender. Teachers and doctors they are both girls and boys and they both work together with mostly their opposite gender. We boys and girls have different thoughts and some people are very interested to know what their opposite gender thinks and their opinion on the project. Everyone is smart in their own ways.

When some people’s smartness gets together they make something special. What I mean by special is that they do a great job get new ideas and they learn new things. Some girls/boys don’t like being with their same gender. If schools separate them they won’t feel comfortable with a lot of their same gender and no opposite gender. Now of days students should work with their opposite gender it helps them when they get older. These are the reasons why we should have mixed schools not an only girl/boy school.

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