Simply Not Fair Narrative Essay

It is plain and simple, teens face too much stress. As teens we are constantly forced to handle many different things all at once, and this is no easy task. Teachers need to remember that we all have social lives, and with school in the picture this makes it hard to achieve.

I myself wonder how I balance between school and social activities, but to balance 7 challenging classes along with our personal lives is an incredible obstacle to get over. Of course school is preparing us for the outside world, but I feel that regardless it is too much. We wake up at 6 every morning and come back home at 4 or 5? That is insanity, and this is not how society should be played out. I most likely spend 1-2 hours a day doing homework, and I am not exactly the most dedicated student around. I know some devoted students who commit 2-3 hours a day on homework and even crunch in the time despite all the sports they are apart of. This is not a trustworthy system to build upon, and it is damaging for all students as well.

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The normal child needs about 8 hours of sleep a day, and because we are in a critical growth stage in our life right now, we need even more. This is not possible because of the heavy workload that is shoved down our throats everyday. Also, we face pressure from our parents to get good grades, to get good test scores, to get into a good college. For us, it is simply not fair.