Too Much Homework Narrative Essay

Homework, is it really a good thing, or is there such thing as too much. Homework holds some important values. For one it helps you exercise the skills you previously learned during the day.

Let’s say you’re learning algebra and you have a test in a couple of weeks the homework would help prepare you for it. The homework would help you to better understand the things that you are learning about. Homework can help you to get into college (if you want to go). The better your grades are the more likely it is that you will get a scholarship to the college that you want to go to. If you manage to go through school with A’s and B’s than chances are you will have the chance to go to a good college.

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Now the same can be said for people who get B’s and C’s but it will be a lot harder. Getting Homework will help you become organized with school work whether you’re going from middle school to high school or from high school to college. The giving of homework helps teach punctuality this is really a no brainer you are given the homework and you have to turn it in by a certain date if you don’t you only get half credit. Students don’t like half credit because even if you would have gotten one hundred percent half credit is fifty percent which is still a fail. When a teacher gives you homework on the first day of school it’s probably because she wants to see where you need to improve in which ever subject she teaches. Now the bad things about homework is that sometimes teachers give us more than we can handle and you would think that they wouldn’t give us a lot of homework because they have to grade all of the home work that we do.

When the student turns the homework in it could be another students work put in their own words. Sometimes the students will copy other student’s homework in class the day that they have to turn it in. The students in the back of the class room are most likely to cheat on their homework and tests. If the student is overwhelmed by the amount of homework given and is “up all night” doing it then they are deprived of sleep resulting in poorer test scores. Then the lower test scores will mean that the schools won’t get that many grants for things like text books or computers, pencils, pens.

The amount of homework sometimes messes with the quality of some students work. A student can receive a lot of homework and turn it in wrong or receive little homework and turn it in right. With the smaller amount of homework they can take their time with it to meet the deadline which means that they will have time to understand what they are doing. With the amount of homework that is given some stress follows. The greater the amount of homework received the greater the amount of stress created. Stress comes in to play because the students have to worry about how they did on the homework, how they’re going to do on the test and if they can make the deadline.

Teachers I think some home work is ok but my point is that too much homework can be potentially hazardous to our health is just overall a pain in the butt.