Single-sex Education Narrative Essay

Single-sex education is a controversial topic and holds many reasons why it benefits and does not benefit students. Some say, single-sex education creates gender stereotypes among the children about the opposing sex. Others say, single-sex programs get rid of the stereotypes that hold children back from taking part in advanced academics.

The following will respond with why single-sex education does benefit students. Single-sex classes are better for students because they encourage girls and boys to break out of their shells that hold them back from taking advanced subjects. Single-sex classes help girls and boys break out of their shells because girls in single-sex classes are not held back from their male counterparts and tend to reach out other activities that girls in co-education classes usually do not attend. “Girls avoid the sciences and technology subjects because they do not want to appear to be ‘tomboys,'” explained Robert Kennedy, a Private School Expert. The same can be said about boys in their single-sex classrooms. Boys are not held back from their female counterparts thus allowing them to take subjects that co-education students would not attend due to gender stereotypes.

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“Boys are less likely to take courses in the arts or tackle advanced academic subjects simply to avoid being typecast(ed) as a nerd.” Described Robert Kennedy. Single-sex education benefits both genders because it helps boys and girls break out of their shells that hold them back from striving further in their education. Single-sex classes have shown an increase in grades throughout all genders in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades over the opposing co-education classes. Educators in single-sex classrooms have also found advantages in grades over the opposing co-education classes.

“Young women achieve higher test scores, particularly in math and science, and accomplish more later in life,” Explained Cornelius Riordan, a sociology professor at Providence college in Providence, Rhode Island. Boys also learn the benefits and how to work well together. “Boys are learning to collaborate.” Explained Jill Rojas, the principal at The Jefferson Leadership Academies. Jill Rojas also explained that, students Grade Point Averages (GPA’s) increased significantly within the single-sex programs. “The increase was statistically significant for both genders at grade 7 and for males at grade 8.

” Single-sex classes have shown the advantages of separating oneself from the opposing sex can increase the success of their academic career. Others say, boys behave worse when around other boys for long periods of time. They act more aggressive than single-sex educated students. “Boys who spend more time with other boys become increasingly aggressive.” reported The New York Times article “Single-Sex Education Is Assailed in Report.” The same article also stated that girls who spend more time with other girls become increasingly sexist and sex-typed.

“Girls who spend more time with other girls become more sex-typed.” Although girls and boys being spread apart causes some problems, Single-sex education should still be an option when choosing a school for you or your child. Single-sex education is still an option for all students and the single-sex options let your child grow at their own pace as an individual. Single-sex education allows your child to learn on their own without being held back or distracted by the opposite sex. “Your child can grow at his (her) own pace.

” Claims Robert Kennedy. Letting your child choose their own path they want to take is a very important component in choosing a school for your child. “Parents realize that allowing their son or daughter to learn in his or her own individual way is a very important consideration in choosing a school.” Robert Kennedy explains. Single-sex schools give freedom to the student as it gives them an option to not be held back nor distracted by the opposite sex and lets them learn at their own pace. As seen single-sex education has advantages over co-education.

Single-sex education breaks down stereotypes that hold the students back from their own education, despite many seeing single-sex classes making some sex-typed stereotypes. As seen, single-sex classes have the benefits of allowing students to grow at their own pace, allowing students to strive in any subject they want, and ultimately having students to not be held back by the opposing sex. If interested, consider single-sex education as an option for you or your child’s education.