Your heart is racing.

You can’t believe you actually did, you actually jumped out of the plane! The ground is approaching you fast, the wind is beating against your face making it feel as if it’s about to peel off. You search around for the string that deploys your parachute. You can’t find it and panic seizes your body. After more frantic searching you find the string and finally pull it to finish off your slow fall back down to earth. Skydiving is a very intense experience that has many benefits but one major risk.

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It is also a relatively easy job to get Sky Training There are many exciting jobs in the world. One of which is professional skydiving. Professional skydiving is a relatively easy job to get. The only requirement that must be met is that you endure extensive training. So therefore, if you drop out of school, there’s a possibility that you could become a professional skydiver.

Benefits Skydiving is a very dangerous activity. However it has many benefits. One of which is it could help your conquer your fears because if you can skydive, you can do almost anything. Skydiving also helps build upper body strength from controlling the parachute and lower body strength from landing. It is also a confidence booster because skydiving gives a life changing confidence boost.

It also changes your view on life making it much easier to achieve your goals in life. (Revolution) Risks Although skydiving is a very exciting experience it has one major downfall, literally. The one major risk of skydiving is that if there is a parachute malfunction you could fall to your death. However if you were to live through the fall, I imagine that you would experience immense pain. However your chance of dying from skydiving is 1 and 100,000 Risky End All in all skydiving is an experience/job that is very easy to accomplish.

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