The Leap

Twelve thousand five hundred feet above the ground, looking down, seeing what felt like the world. Turn back now or take the leap? If I leap, I’ll chance the unknown. If I don’t, I’ll never know. Skydiving for the first time in Omro, Wisconsin, I was exposed to a new level of trust, reliability and ultimately, heights. I knew it would be scary, but I never thought it would make my blood rush so fast. Everything ran through my head at a million miles per hour.

The door opened, and I was first to go. I stand looking out the door eyes wide open. My heart pounding like the thud of a freight train as it passes. My dad yelled from behind me, “Jump!” I yelled back, “1… 2… 3” and I jumped, not knowing what was to come. One minute and 24 seconds passes and the instructor on my back pulls our parachute.

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We catch the wind and our down fall slows to a hover. We glide to a farm field and make an abrupt landing. I stop and take a look into the open sky above me and ponder… Why would you ever say no? My life is like my skydiving adventure. When I have the chance to do something for the first time, I go for it. I am persistent and I strive to do my best.

I will challenge myself and open myself up to new experiences in my college campus life at The University of Wisconsin-Platteville. With my bravery to take the leap, positive outlook on life, and ability to keep looking forward, I will chose to take the leap time and time again.