Sleepwashed Students have been “sleepwashed” into oblivion. The students are literally too tired to even argue the fact that they aren’t receiving enough sleep. The imbalance in balance between school and sleep has been increasing lately. Students are going home with more homework than ever. Teachers are grading more than ever. The idea of more homework equals better schooling is wrong, all it leads to is late nights and groggy mornings.

Less sleep leads to bad schooling and bad schooling leads to bad grades. Students are suffering a sleep epidemic. They are waking up early and going to bed late. The sleep they are receiving is inefficient according to the CDC, they’re recommending that high school students should be receiving 9-10 hours of sleep everyday. Yet in reality, less than ? of the student population is reaching the goal ofeven 8 hours of sleep per night.

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Granted, students do go to bed late, but for many reasons. Some go to bed late because of the abundant amount of homework that is given every night and some may choose just to stay up late. The majority of this student population could benefit from this school start delay. Homework and sleep go hand to hand, they for students time. Homework and sleep are essential parts of a student’s life.

One needs to take time out of their day to do both them. Homework will delay sleep and sleep will delay homework. 68% students state that homework prevents them receiving the sleep that is recommended by the CDC. Students around the world can benefit from a delayed start for school. Students wouldn’t have be rushing out the door to get to school. The motivation to go to school would be lifted because the students would be able to get out of bed instead of complaining about their lack of sleep.

The biggest setback to this movement though is money, the school systems would either have to delay all the schools from elementary to high school or hire more bus drivers. This is a slippery slope for it changes the schedules of everyone across the nation, such as traffic, money, taxes and/or layoffs. The more plausible solution would be to cut back on homework, which would give more time for sleep. A more realistic plan is for homework to be cut back. The large amount of homework that is given every night is delaying the sleep and education.If a student goes home and completes 20 problems incorrectly that’s 20 time the improper form is engrained the mind.

By cutting back on homework teachers will teach better instead of staying strict to the curriculum. The teachers can better more students with less homework by more face to face teaching instead of face to paper. Students, teachers, and parents need to unite and find a common ground that would benefit all, not what the gradebook says. Sleep is a biological need and school s a social need. Both are needed to survive in society today. Without sleep one will die physically and without a proper education one will die economically.

Are you arguing for no more homework (aka, taking the Homework Revolution and rewriting it)? Or are you arguing for a later start time?