To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep?

So if you’re at school and get tired in the middle of your teacher giving you a lesson, what do you do? You fall asleep! Even without realizing it until you really just gain consciousness again. So it is pretty understandable. But for some reason, some teachers seem to notice it more with other students compared to the rest. I think that teachers should just let the students be if they fall asleep, and if no one wakes them up in class or if they don’t wake up in time and are late for the next class, then it will be their very own fault. Teachers should treat the kids equally and when they do, the school environment will become a better one than before.

To begin with, I believe the teachers should be considerate and respectful. Students fall asleep out of nowhere and the teacher makes forces the student to wake up. Instead of that, the teacher should just respect the student’s decision. The teacher may not have known what the student did the night before, maybe he’s depressed, or maybe he is going through a tough period in life at the moment. Therefore, the teacher should always be considerate towards their student(s) and respectful.

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I second my thoughts with information on how sleep is important. Students need at least, will need about 8-10 hours of sleep. Sleeping is how students and children grow. It resets and gives them more energy. Going off of this, sleeping in class can actually pay off. It is kind of like when you know you have to go somewhere, but you have a little bit of time to kill, so then you charge your phone for about 5-10 minutes.

No matter what, I still believe sleeping in class has its uses. It doesn’t matter if the teacher is offended. Instead, rather doing that, be a little bit more considerate and help the kid by letting him knock out. Sleeping in class is therefore a benefit for the class, student, and teacher!