Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana To begin with the reasons smoking marijuana is bad, it is setting people up for a bad life and it hurts the economy by putting more people out of work because they have been smoking marijuana. We must stop the legalization of marijuana because around the year 2010 about 850,000 people got arrested for marijuana in the US. First when you smoke marijuana it kills your brain cells and they don’t reproduce.

Losing brain cells can cause you to react slower and to not be as aware of what you’re doing and your surroundings. Therefore it causes you to not be able to drive right after you get done smoking because it could put a potential risk on you and other drivers on the road to accidents. Another reason why it is bad to smoke marijuana is it can damage your lungs. The actions that follow are that your breathing quickens which is bad because it causes stress. Smoking marijuana for long period of time could possibly set you up with chronic bronchitis.

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Chronic bronchitis can cause you to cough constantly on a daily basis, and could last for a month to two years. The good effects of smoking marijuana are endless study says, giving various examples. Such as smoking marijuana is a protective way to prevent cancer cells, also if you have been a participant in smoking marijuana for over 20 years you have a better percentage of not getting head and neck cancer. The chemicals that help kill and treat cancer cells are THC and CBD which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. (Giddingson) In conclusion smoking marijuana is really bad for you and can kill you if you continually smoke it throughout your life.

Marijuana can kill your brain cells and they don’t reproduce so you become dumber. Marijuana can also damage your lungs and potentially kill you due to lung failure. As stated before smoking marijuana is bad for your health and in the long run, the effects of you getting ill and possibly dying are at a high risk. Bibliography Giddingson, Jack. 5 Amazing Things You Didnt Know About Marijuana. Chicago: CNN, 2013.