Many people say that soccer is a non contact sport and is a sissy sport.

I think that is wrong. I play soccer almost everyday of my life. In the game of soccer the TEAM make unanimous decisions about their gameplan. In my soccer games we play 11v11. A formation is the way your teammates and yourself are positioned. The field is trisected into three parts: defense, midfield, and offense.

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I play U-13 Dynamo and we decimate every team that we play in our confrence, for the most part. My coach is very mean and strict. He acts like a totaltarian with absolute control. Usually the striker who plays offense scores a lot. Usually at the inception of each game Billy our striker is fired up to score. We havethis very fast but small midfielder that annihilates the other midfielders on the other team.

My opinion about this sport is that its very physical and not to offend other people playing other sports but profesional soccer players make lots and lots of money.