Essay on Social Psychology

Drunk driving is a social issue as well as a problem. The political atmosphere defines this social issue in terms of individual responsibility and personal choice. Drunk driving is located within individuals and forms an inherent character.

It is also illegal in all states and nations and it is unsafe to control an automobile when under the influence of drugs or alcohol due to the dissolution effect in alcoholic drinks. This social problem can be explained by the evolutionary psychology because alcoholism could be said to be inherited and therefore some claim that they are not able to stop drinking and have to drive. In order to deal with this issue, there are laws that are put in the state’s legislation systems which provide stricter and tougher punishment and laws against drunk driving. There are other social measures that are also used to deal with education and reform. They include treatment programs and also teaching the citizens on the dangers of drunk impaired driving.The counter-measures usually have two implication problems first one being that they do not satisfy the outcry of the public for retribution.

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Secondly, these measures impose extra costs, increased prices and inconvenience to those who do not drive while they are drunk. This is a good explanation of the social exchange theory because the non-drinkers always carry out the cost-benefit analyses. Grass root organization for example the Remove Intoxicated Drivers and Mothers against Drunk Driving in the United States lobby and always provide help when they are needed. Public education campaigns increase the public’s information and knowledge and also encourage the residents to accept new laws that maybe enforced. These campaigns appeal to the morality of persons but the psychologists argue that behavior may never change along with attitudes and knowledge and therefore the utility of the appeals to individual morality is questioned.

This is consistent with the social learning theory. The expected consequences of behavior impact heavily on the behavior patterns that are acquired. However, the attitudes, knowledge and beliefs come into view only to mediate the assessment of the consequences. This is an example of social identity theory. Although there have been many years of sanction due to drunk driving, this social issue of drunk driving persists to be a serious challenge both to the victims and the society entirely.

A large number of the automobile accidents cause death and injury and they are mostly alcohol related. The combination of non-criminal and legal measures should be used in order to successfully end this social menace.