Software maintenance plan

The term security indicates a sense of probable risk involved in the perception of the subject. With information technologies coming into the scene the canvas broadens its perimeter. When the problem of internet is taken into account the need of security becomes even more manifested because of the amount of data damage and information theft along with cyber fraud involved in this medium.

Another very menacing fall out of the internet or the information technology as a whole is the nuisance of identity theft. Identity theft is regarded as one of the most menacing crimes of the cyber world.In the era of hackers with various bugs, worms, virus and spyware it is extremely important to develop a maintenance plan for any software based organization, particularly a financial company. In this context it could be stated that The Network operating system or NOS is used for controlling network and its messages alongside it also help to control unrestricted access by multiple users. It also helps in the field of network security too.

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The main functions of a file system are retrieval of data, hierarchical organization, navigation, manipulation and storage. The prime function of a client operating system is to enable the user to use the machine where further programs would be executed. This is the initialization system of a computer. (Roberts, 2005, 241)There are several NOS available like Windows NT, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Inferno, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Novell NetWare and Red Hat Linux but the most effective and influential NOS so far has been the Windows NT.

Windows NT is so special because it is regarded as the first 32 bits server from the Windows. However, it can be stated that in terms of security it is important to use the best possible method.For better protection it is important to employ specific plans that include Bug prioritizing/ Rejection and Bug fixes along with after deployment procedure that include Testing suggestions and user reporting bugs. It is also important to reproduce with the help of test, use “is bug or enhancement” process and QC including deployment of fixes & enhancements.These are all well formulated forms of security maintenance.

Bug prioritizing/ Rejection software procedures identifies the bugs trying to infiltrate or has already infiltrated the system and once this is done the software eliminates the bug or reports bug attack. When the attack is reported then the software already deployed for the maintenance job takes over the act and uses a thorough process of testing that ends in the user reporting the attack. Sometimes it becomes essential of the software to identify it as a bug or genuine software. Under such conditions it is important to use QC that would ultimately formulate the basic logic that can maintain the fixes deployment and enhancement measures.As a result, sound understanding of these management principals are needed not only to identify and restore the assets from the threats of technology used in a negative manner but also preventive measures should be taken on account of social context as because it is the human brain that is liable to cause damage or disaster in the information technology sector by the dint of error, fraud or misrepresentation of data.

The technology is affected by this and this social aspect ultimately snow balls into completely failure of the information system, at least the potential is always there and perceptions are to be focused more on this aspect. Whatever the consequences in near future the socio technological aspects hold the key to the future.