Sound Powered Smartphone: Realistic or Not?

This study examined the possibility of charging a smartphone with the acoustic sound around us. In various studies and interviews, it was proven that acoustic, hearable sound, could only produce a minimal amount of power when converted to electricity. This is a result of the sheer physics of sound as well as the loss of energy when it travels through the air and is converted. In addition, piezoelectric energy harvesting devices that convert sound to electricity have been unsuccessful based on the research of over four studies and two interviews. Different experiments implemented piezoelectric devices in various ways, however, the output in all cases was minimal and could not be relied on.

The cost and can also be a factor in determining whether a device of this kind could actually be used in a smartphone. The area of the device essentially limits the amount of output, which would be unsuccessful inside a smartphone. As a product, this collective data will be represented in a website, for all users to use as a reliable source of information on this particular topic.

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