Case Study Ministry of sound

The ministry of sound has capabilities it became a brand and also gaining brand recognition . Ministry was also recognized as a wide world music life style. Lets products portfolio ranging from record labels ,branded electronics ,world wide tours and also radio shows. Ministry of sound started as a small investment and grow by spreading o other countries and also by having a lot of people visiting the club by that It was recognized the whole world and it became a super club.

Ministry believed In diversification by spreading their wings and starting branded d] equipment ,also offering branded mobile phone games ,magazines not only that they went further an advertising supported online broadcast music channel was launched . Manliest manages its communication very well Its adaptation,lamentations made Manliest what It Is today, a big brand. By changing the security team the club operated In a lean environment which was safer for Its customers and by so doing the club gained value. By Introducing a new CEO was a very good move. Manliest as a clean and safe environment It will enjoy the benefits of attracting more music lovers .

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Hey differentiated themselves by having security professionals which Is a comparative advantage to other clubs ,we agree that the ministry has a strong brand but the closure of the Bankbook branch due to the law restriction tell us something that during their market research they did not look at the country s law which is a weakness. The main stakeholders of the ministry of sound is first James pabulum he is still the largest shareholders of the business so he want his investment to make profit. Shareholders gets dividend annually or increasing share price which is affected by the growth and profitability of the business so that they can get a best dividend.

Managers care too much about their responsibility Job security their salaries by being responsible and doing their duties properly ,they know that they get bonuses so their interest lies in working for a company that shows growth and that succeed in everything it does the garrisoning grow the managers are show that their Jobs are secure Customers want desirable and quality products at affordable prices also they are interested in the continuous production of new products to satisfy their ever increasing needs Capitalist ii investors are interested in the growth of the business success and if no growth the investor would take his money to other place. Society in general -socially responsible actions positive towards the environment.

QUESTION 4 The ministry can use the following strategies : Joint ventures an entity created when two or more firms pool a portion of their resources to create Jointly owned organization . Let is very important since ministry can gain access too particular source and enjoy economies of scale, risks and cost sharing neutralizing and blocking competitors. It can also try mergers and acquisitions through this it can expand its product line or better still sell the business.

QUESTION 5 The reorganization is very important because it will help put into practice the ministry s focused strategy into action ,it also helps with costs, it also helped by being useful tool to let go of the managers who might be resistant to change addiction to three division appears to be clearly collecting together previous uncoordinated initiatives within clear organization structure . The reorganization will help the new CEO to delegate to divisional heads at the same time as allowing him to hold them accountable as they impose some discipline on the various business.