Ultra Sound to Study Mother and Baby

Ultra sounds. Fetus – develops its own character within the womb. Subjective and Objective – the women is being objected because we can not see her. The idea of the ultra sounds is seen to be an un natural theory The power of the relationship and the power of looking at an image between the Mother and the baby.

Technology is developing so we can an ideal visual of the fetus and a better understanding and clearer image of the fetus. the window” was created so that we can visualize the baby but is this an intrution What with ultrasounds is private and what is public? – family members coming to the birth, midwives and doctors that surround the woman whilst she is visualizing her fetus whilst in the womb, Bonding scan, seeing and feeling, when the mother visualizes her fetus moving and can also feel it ,, but this is not the case for other members of the family in the room watching the ultrasound images.Bond with the fetus, we can see inside the mother but not the fully developed baby, as when the images are being shown in an ultrasound they are seen as a fetus as the baby has not been born, Only the nurse is technical to tell the sex of the baby , parents can choose to find out what they are having but can also choose not too. This is also the question into how the fetus and the mother can have a bond if they don’t know everything about each other.The fetus is drawn into the images and visualization so that the images portrayed are meaningful for the new to be parents.

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The ultra sounds shift from scientific to culture, this is more than just machinery now, this is the one thing that many new mothers are depending on as they can see the fetus and can see If the baby is safe and sound. Or there is any problems.Womens main experience is being pregnant and how the feel and the symptoms that they are experiencing through out the pregnancy but through ultrasounds we can not see the pregnant woman. How big the fetus is, experiences the features that the fetus has adapted and grown, understands the process of the babys growth over the 9 months, the mother has an understanding of the babys movement and character, the fetus develops a character within the womb and this starts to show to the parents throughout the ultrasounds.The partner of the pregnant girlfriend sees the movement of the baby and asks girlfriend, “can you feel that”? so he can’t experience if the fetus at that moment in time.

(Baby kicking) Understanding of images are unstable – different meanings thorugh the same image. Why is the image of the fetus important. In what ways is vision and