Ministry of Healing reading report

We have to be like Jesus from the beginning of His life. Many trials and temptations He met, but He could fight it.

We also can learn from His characteristic that always patient and cheerful. Many of us hard to do that, we often get angry and stress when we are waiting too long for someone and also we cannot always feel happy and peaceful in our heart like Jesus did. He also made no difference between neighbors and strangers, friends or enemies, the good or the bad one and the rich or the poor.

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We are as a human of course will be friendly to someone if we need them and ignore someone who is not important. There’s one example for us in the book, Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick than to preaching. We can get the point from that example.

We have to help each other who need our help, don’t hesitate to help them even though we don’t know them, or we think that we are not their friends. Just remember that God made no difference to everyone. Chapter 2 (Days of Ministry) God do many miracles and wonders.

First, when the mother of Pewter’s wife lying sick of a great fever. Then Jesus touched her and she got healed.

Jesus is different with Pharisees and Jews. He uses full sacrifice to helping people. There’s a story that many children come to Jesus for blessing then Jesus’ disciples refused them and said that Jesus was still busy. However, Jesus still accepts and gives blessing for the children. Then a lot of people knew the story about the children.

Because of that the adults are also gathered and asked Jesus for blessing.

Until five thousand people are gathered from the morning until evening and they haven’t eat yet because they really interested with the God’s word. Jesus didn’t give them foods directly from heaven. However, He asked someone that can give the food for a lot of people, till someone gave Jesus five small barley loaves and two fishes and He multiplied It and still enough for the following day. What we got here, Jesus doesn’t make something directly easily, but he wants the simple way and also with processes.