Jamie’s Ministry of Food

In his entrepreneurial ventures, Jamie Oliver has shown a high degree of intelligence with regard to his handling of business issues. This is very evident in his reasoning as well as verbal abilities as witnessed in his television presentations (Clawson 2010, p. 33-8). He is also self confident and determined.

The confidence he has in himself is evident from the high self-esteem and self-assurance he displays. Additionally, his determination can be seen in kind of initiatives he has come up with. This is because in spite of his very busy schedule, he has come up with several ventures like the Fifteen Foundation, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, and many others. It definitely requires a lot of passion as well as perseverance to manage all these organizations. In spite of his appeal; Jamie has been able to maintain a high level of integrity all over the years in his public life (Clawson 2010, p.

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80-5). Furthermore, his honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability are without doubt. To be in a position of managing his numerous ventures, Jamie has been very sociable. This is seen in his friendliness, diplomacy, and pleasantness Clawson 2010, p. 80-5). By and large, Jamie uses the assertive style of communication.

Assertive communication is basically a style in which individuals clearly articulate their views as well as feelings (McKay, Davis & Fanning 2008, p. 130-7). Additionally, they resolutely advocate for their rights and needs without infringing on the rights of others. Jamie is an assertive communicator since he is born of high self-esteem. Furthermore, he values himself and his time. On the whole, his emotional, spiritual as well as physical needs are his strong advocates, even as he continues to be respectful of the rights of others.

As he communicates with people, itis evident that Jamie feels in control of himself. He maintains a very good eye contact and speaks in a calm clear tone of voice. It is also evident that Jamie listens well without interrupting others (McKay et al. 2008, p.130-7).

During his television presentations, Jamie maintains a relaxed body posture and feels connected with the people he is communicating with. It is worth noting that Jamie does not allow others to mistreat or manipulate him. Over the years, Jamie has been able to mature as a result of addressing issues and challenges even as they arise (McKay et al. 2008, p.130-7). He has also been in a position of creating a respectful environment for others to grow and mature especially in his initiatives like the Fifteen Foundation.

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to identify, be in charge of and assess emotions (Goleman 1998, p. 198-210). Although people claim that emotional intelligence is an inborn characteristic, researchers are of the view that it is cultured and reinforced. Jamie Oliver seems to have a strong very emotional intelligence. This is mainly because he has been able to make very incredible programs in his quest to execute his ‘food revolution’ (Clawson 2010, p.

80-5). He first introduced it to English Schools some years back, amidst challenges. However, this is an encounter he has been able to overcome after a while. He is able to perceive the emotions of others and manage them (Clawson 2010, p. 80-5). In his endeavors, Jamie has been involved in convincing people in Huntington about the sensible thing in eating fresh food as well as pink milk and more sugar than in soda (Clawson 2010, p.

80-5). In all these ventures, Jamie has exuded very fantastic understanding as well as emotional intelligence. In this regard, he has turned out to be an expert in influencing other people and getting them to do exactly what he desires becauuse of his sociability as well as emotional intelligence (Goleman 1998, p. 198-210). For instance, he is able to convince negative school kitchen staff and hostile radio hosts who are in direct opposition to his message. Over the course of his shows, he has been able to convince hundreds of dinner ladies to alter their menus and styles of cooking.

He was also able to alter the government’s financial plans for school dinners (Clawson 2010, p. 91-8). Subsequently, Jamie managed to convince catering companies, parents, schools, and councils throughout the United Kingdom to serve children with healthier and more nutritious food.At some point, Jamie is seen assisting ordinary families to prepare proper meals for the first time in their lives. Furthermore, his emotional intelligence and sociability is evident when he organized the “Flash Mob” session to get individuals to be part of the temporarily set up kitchen in the city centre.

As a result of his fortitude, his confidence and his assertive style of communication, Jamie was able to succeed in reaching out to the mayor as well as the governor of the state (Clawson 2010, p. 80-5). In conclusion, I decided to write about Jamie Oliver as a social entrepreneur because of the powerful changes he has been able to accomplish within a short span of time. Jamie is also my role model because of the technical and human skills he has (Goleman 1998, p. 198-210).

He is competent in his area of expertise and easily gets along with others, in spite of their different perspectives. He has also portrayed the ability to use his knowledge and competencies to accomplish his goals. Additionally, Jamie has portrayed strong leadership skills by influencing and not coercing others to pursue the common goal for preparing healthy foods especially for children.