South Park

South park is a popular television show with lots of viewers from all across America the show that features cartoon characters is believed to be directed to children as their main viewers, but that is not true as the massage that is passed on to the audience is very much complicated for a child to synthesis. The television sitcom has received complaints from viewers and opinion leaders for the programs violation of basic rights of individuals and groups which in this case is the former United States president Mr. George Bush and Christianity.In the attack on Christianity Mr. William Donohue the president of the conservative Catholic League for Religious and Civil rights sited that the producers of the comic series are taking the advantage to produce series of the program that are blasphemous and attacks the Christian religion sighting an episode that was aired on television (Cavuto).

That featured the image of Jesus that transfigured to dramatically into George Bush and the American flag, this didn’t go well with the Christians as the comic series was aimed at attacking the Christians that were a majority of the American citizens.It also attacked the Christians when it posted pictures that were criticizing the credibility of Jesus Christ, counter asking if he was the true son of God or they argued that he disguised himself to the people pretending that he was the almighty savior, with the comic stating that he is Satan, the comic had statements that said that the devil never exists. In the attack of President Bush policies the comic series it attacked president bush policy on the War on terrorist and the War in Iraq, they stated that president wasn’t right to attack the Iraq and that he is not capable to fight against terrorism in the world today, the comic aired him expressing his regrets over the faulty that the united states encountered that made them not to capture Sadaam at the end of the war stating the united states wasn’t prepared for the war barely a week before he left office (Spillius). Stating that the Iraqi officials were very smart than the US soldiers.

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