Servant Leadership as Demonstrated by Southwest Airlines

The alma of this report Is briefly description of Southwest Airlines, Its strategy, Including what Is company history and how does It developed, what Is the Issue of Human Resource plays in the airplane industry, and what is main problem should we focus on, how to use the wisely way to solve it, importance of HER manger how to manipulated business strategy to create problem solving skills, as well as how southwest Airlines select individual made Judgment on the organizational operation.

A main idea of the report is illustrated to marking and evaluating the effectiveness of HRS contribution and how strategies with analyses Is reasonably put Into Improve the productivity and employee’s team spirit. 1 . Background of Southwest Airline Southwest airlines co. (NYSE:LUVS) is a main US airline, it’s contributed largest cheapest carrier in the world, headquartered in Dallas Texas.

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Southwest was established In 1971 by Rolling King and Herb Keller and the airline started with three Boeing 737 aircraft (Southwest Airlines,2009)) According to the survey, the airlines has successfully hiring excess 46,000 employers at the August 2012 and offering flight service more than 3400 flight in the daily life.

What’s more, in the time of August 2013 southwest airline is unique operation of the Boeing 737 s, not including for a little year in the sass include sass.

A few Boeing 727 s in that time which Is August 2012 southwest airline has took the predominate position to defeat other competitor become mainly controller of the 737 world wide with exceed 550 In service reputation. Each flight service performance shows average of six flights dally. During the period of May 2011 southwest gained Raritan Airways with comprehension of the carried aimed must be finished by 2014. On March 1, 2012 southwest airline was publicized a single operating qualification, under strictly inspection becoming individual airline.

Cones 2008) On June 18, 1971 Southwest Airlines, started corporate with their Boeing 737 aircrafts operating the Texas cities of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Company’s market contest was Texas International and Brannon, and to a lesser extent, continental. Continental manipulated all political and managerial to make sure the company would not exist the ground, as well as making Southwest out of the recently built Dallas-Fort Worth airport and waging a our-year battle that lead Southwest airline step into liquidation at the time of the its first operating service. 123 Help. Com) This principal reflected that passengers accepted service into Southwest’s main location at Love Held from destinations over those four procedures would need to purchase Individual ticket for each aspect of the tour as well as would not have inspection of bag checking through to their final destination..

(Seller 2003) During the time of mid-sass Sari and American, intending to higher their share of the profitable California business, spent money on Air California and Pacific Southwest Airlines (AS), successfully complete two domestic carriers. Unfortunately, American quickly get off from some cities and routes when they will not have profitable outcomes. Sari took a number of What is the HARM problem? As we know, the Human resource department get a significant aspect in recruiting, hiring, training and promoting individuals who satisfy with strategy of Southwest Company. In other words, human resource managers need hire individual who satisfied requirement of the culture and demonstrate the cultural characterizes the company can step into more perfect managerial system.

Porter, 1996) In modern times, employers have to confront with the problem which is lost faith in the management operation, though layoffs, firings downsizing, scandals, selecting and selecting bad managers, and for compels lesser reasons, employees have lost faith in competitive market. Individuals are intended to developing their own career, never mind of which company or companies it will be with.

Employee’s desire for development and improving chances .

From this point of view, HER suffer from search for selection in trail employees, offering flexible Job rosters From the website source that collected: southwest airline coped with the labor problems: Customer relations: Rising Costs Looming Competition: Weakness are the poor short-term liquidity situation, having only one established alliance, and the declining passenger revenue yields. Due to the as a part of their “low fares, no frills” mission, southwest airline didn’t provide service of any flight meals to their passengers.

Passengers appeal Southwest Airlines agents cope with Raritan Airways tickets and vice versa, sometimes leaving passengers who have been deferred and need rebooking in the lurch. Different prices and seat availability sometimes represent for the same flight on Southwest’s and Rattan’s online sites. On the other hand, southwest airplane human resource management have those bad situation under below: Debt Mounting Operating Expenses Relative.

Expense figure of product :when company t is known for providing vast benefit , it still regard as big amount of money endeavourer to purchase a ticket on an aircraft, and during of financial crisis perspective customer will not get its own saving (William 2004) 3. What are the approaches the company has used to solve them? 1 . Making friendly environment to the employee: Southwest Airlines leading group put forward clear goal: money, for every employee to offer a stable Job, and make more passenger have the chance to travel by airplane.

A clear awareness of the market, to “break the bureaucracy’ as his slogan, from large companies to bureaucracy, improve management efficiency, but also can adjust according to the market changes, Stressed that “employees first establish a corporate culture that motivates employees. Southwest aviation enterprise culture is the company into a big family, spread love into everyone’s heart create lively atmosphere. (Gomez-Mejia et al.

, 2007) 2.

Improve the consumption rate of equipment (for passengers) Southwest organization to improve use of the equipment, the company each aircraft on a regular day is American aviation in order to get the efficient time in fight time. The United States southwest airlines main operating line airport, the carrying out of the point to point net operation , decrease the stopping point and connecting point, thereby reducing the late and the tour time, Turnaround time to reduce airplane, corresponding to increase aircraft utilization rate.

And the many pilots and air service employees often kept down the plane, the flight time is woo times the United States United Airlines aircraft do not have seats, not on the plane seat, does not have the difference between business class and economy class. Such as efficient boarding.

Not only save time, save the aircraft stranded in the airport fee. Under the aircraft, baggage time than other company.

It’s also provide their desired services demand for passenger: low fare, safe and reliable, high frequency and flexible flight, comfortable flight cabin, first-class project of item for customers, efficient boarding procedure, and friendly customer service. Most importantly, to reduce the unit cost on the basis of this is the southwest airlines mission to provider good service to the customer. Also in order to save time, Southwest Airlines didn’t arrange ticket order, passengers can take seat by randomly 3.

Reducing the consumption of fuel usage Normally aircraft only take 25 minutes to fly though station, or even less, that is equal to increase aircraft utilization rate.

The company has been the carrying out of single type (type 8737 aircraft fuel economy), the advantage of doing so is to make simpler the repair, operation and training. The reason is to reduce the fuel usage, the many 737-700 fleet are equipped with winglets. Company pilot, sign personal, personal on the ground and fuel management efforts will try various devices to minimize fuel consumption.

The company has in the second airport operation tradition, such as in Baltimore Washington Airport; Chicago Midway Airport. Now the company has successfully developed some main airport operations, such as Phoenix, Leganes’s, Saint Louis, and Pittsburgh.

In the choice of the airport, the company standard is that properly managed. Efficient operation, landing fees and terminal building use fees lower airport, also can make the company to maintain productivity ND punctuality rate airport. (Pea 2008) 4.

Southwest Airlines use the low cost strategy to win greater victories in the American aviation industry is in decline of the environment, in other words, southwest airlines for their own strategy wise to avoid confrontation with the American Airlines, and another way to capture others disdain to win but the huge potential of the market price. Southwest Airlines is the informational market position the organization opened only short point-to-point routes.

Time is limited, frequent. In general, if passenger miss the flight of a trip to he southwest Airline, you can take the next plane southwest in an hour.

This flight is not only convenient for the high frequency of every day with the United States through each big city workers. 4. What approaches would you use to solve them if you were the HER Manager ? As a HER manager, it’s great opportunity grab advantage of its monetary strength and profit to enlarge its marketing by expanding its services to new region buying additional airplane and regarding the airplane facility to become a little changes in that the airline’ aesthetics will be more cooperative. All of these may be big cost ventures, but it would open the company to larger market.

This strategy would empowering Southwest to longer their industry market and constantly gain more, thereby keeping the Southwest’s control and innovation that will stop from copycats from outperforming them. Metrics-Assessing the Effectiveness of HER manager evaluations. HER managers can think of retention number, dimension of time with the work organization, employee feedback questionnaire, interview test (Fit-NZ and Davison,2002) As a HER manager, the main responsibility is to purpose of Job evaluation must be emphasis on the staffs competent of satisfied customer wants.

Customer service deed be entrenched in the business values. Customer comment must implored from customers and employees alike.

Starting concentrated on the customer is seen company’s aim at what is the degree that employees contributed the fun for passengers. This is a process of Hiring right people as well as Promotion Practices. (Beriberi, 1996) The other effective way for HER to manipulate the organization operation is to use complaints system (Beriberi and Beriberi, 1996).

Customers and employees alike may submit complaints. The offending employee is providing an opportunity to reply. In current circumstance, someone was offended by the fact that he employee tried to plays Jokes or otherwise do something that suit the organizational culture.

If the employee can demonstrate he was put effort to exhibit the behavior or cultural characteristics that the company looking for. Then we can see the result that will no punishment. 5.

How would not solving the problem impact the business Finally, it’s wisely strategy for HER to follow those action in the organizational Relationships: In the first point the HER should understanding Credibility -their competent to encourage loyalty in their employees. Understanding-offering deploy for the welfare of the staff and customers.

Second point related to the have the sufficient leader in order to let they can work by self. Third point indicated is good choice for HER do a special and reasonably contribution to hire people who are best at workplace then have good spirit.

The organization will work hard at improving team edifice skills by offering them training for relational capability. The Four point shows the conflict are an inevitable issue in the life between customers and employees. Instead of facing conflict s as a critical power. HER practices them beneficially to make relationship and enhancing performance.

The fifth point refers to the treat and Irving employee & customers, HER should create friendly environment to the employees, take care of customers as their family. The power and understanding that staff grab from making stable family and society link could be spread into the work environment and leveraged to accomplish excellence work issue and best company work behavior. Company need consequently at attentive to sure that relationships at work will not overpower, and public relationships that are required to maintain hard working performance Cody 2003) six point indicate the importance of excellent boundary spanner can develop to make relationships between various aspect of the group around union achievement and respect so the organization will keep operating to become more prospective.

Seventh point teach us to use broad performance metrics, for example: it’s very costly time to let company thinking that working department is at bad situation when mistake take place than company aim of intending to solve the problem by itself. Southwest prevent this by Judging work behavior widely.

If some situation happen again, there are several of interest to allocate blame.

Eight point is to require must have good Job descriptions, it shows excellence Job requirement are too ambitious for an energetic and advocating economy, on the other word, at Southwest employee’s Job requirement is to understanding and illustrative however there is and additional description that all employee better.

The ninth point giving the understanding of Southwest is has fantastic labor relations ,good corporate partnership, focus on constantly various of harmony, their aim is to remain productivity effectively , make the business model owing well , it treat employees as family, as well as outside union representative ,it’s totally enhance the stress with everybody that we are really partnership. The final point is build good supplier relationships, the Southwest Company operate around with own suppliers an airplane manufacture, company power and circulation management in order to become which offering tangible resource for two opposition.

Fourth more, it’s put big effort to keep its suppliers in the loop.

There are a few resource that southwest operation behavior evaluation and measurement on its HER performance. Definitely the HER managers remain their own strategy, however it seem that useful to integrated additional evaluation and inspection to create a dynamic for HER performances at embracing different culture bias and work team spirit.

This short report also reflects the problem issue, problem solving thought different cultural organization, what is best way when we confront with issue that concerns company’s financial crisis an profitability ,environmental social ,customer, personnel communication, from this point of view we should need to know what role pop-level as well as functional -level HER mangers perform in perfecting business method.