Spending billions of dolars on exploring outer world. Is it worth?

Latest news tells us that U.S.A is spending millions of dollars to explore the outer world. The U.S has plans to send a manned rocket to Mars by 2031 but as the planet is 55,000,000 kilometers away, despite sending the fastest rocket we have it would take a year to reach it.

In view of the millions and billions of dollars spent on space exploration it is debatable if this investment is really worth it. We are trying to explore the outer world but what about utilizing money on our own Earth? There are many issues on Earth which have to be settled by us. U.S.A is a developed country but when we come down forth we come to the countries that are less developed, less privileged.

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Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and many more are examples of undeveloped countries. They are undeveloped because they have poverty. Poverty is scarcity, dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. It is said that 1 billion children live in poverty and 22,000 children die every day.Children die as soon as they are born because they can’t survive from the hunger, old people also can’t survive. Each year the estimations for the deaths due to poverty is 18 million people that 50,000 people die each day.

We are trying to explore the outer world but what about exploring our own world, Earth? Earth is suffering from hundreds of issues despite exploring the other planets lets concentrate on our planet. There are environmental issues that the Earth is facing for example there are deforestation in almost every country. Forests are being cut down and this affects our weather and climate. Secondly, we have pollutions. Pollution is made by each man-made machine and factory.

There are ocean pollution, people dirty the oceans by throwing rubbish in the oceans. This causes trouble to the marine life and thousands of fishes die, which is a great loss. Corruption is there with electricity, gas and water. Many cities or maybe countries are avoided and not provided with these resources but if we distribute them fairly every country would get an equal amount of these sources. To explore other planets is better than saving our Earth, there is a worst damage when astronauts are sent with a rocket and when the rockets shoots off several gases are released and this damages our ozone layer and green-house gases are destroyed which is really harmful for humans.

Astronauts risk their life for exploring space and it has been said that 21 astronauts died in exploring space some American astronauts and others were Russian. The incident in which Gus Grissom, Edward White II, Roger Chaffee died was during a launch-sequence rehearsal for NASA’s Apollo 1 mission, the cabin was filled with pure oxygen as part of its environmental control system. An electrical fault sparked a flash fire in the cabin. The fire spread quickly in the pure oxygen atmosphere, suffocating all three Apollo 1 crew members through smoke inhalation. The launch pad test site was renamed Apollo 1 in honor of the crew, and the accident led to major design and engineering modifications as well as revisions to test planning operations and manufacturing procedures. If we are even trying to explore the Moon what advantage are we getting? We just come up with a same reason that the moon is made up of a debris rock and astronauts risk their lives and go out in the space but they don’t know what the situation is out there. I would like to end my debate saying not to waste the money and distribute these money equally and fairly to all nations and try to solve the problems on our own planet Earth.