Spending Habits of Students

{draw:frame} A survey on IFIM Students Lifestyle and Spending Habits August, 2009 Executive Summary: Introduction: Students all over the world spend in several different ways, but close market research on student spending indicates that there are several common patterns that can be seen. Spending habits in adolescents is changing drastically in the last few years, but that change is almost uniform in all the metros of the world. Commercialization has begun targeting students’ spending habits a very long time ago.

It is only now that this commercialization has come out in-the-face, and it is very difficult to just wish it away anymore.

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Study Methodology: The methodology adopted for the study was Questionnaires and Observation Sample Definition: The sample that was undertaken for research can be classified as: {draw:frame} {draw:frame}

When we compute the sample correlation coefficient we see that rxy is 1. The value thus indicates a strong linear relationship since the correlation coefficient ranges from -1 to +1. Values close to -1 or +1 indicate a strong linear relationship. Memo The above is our evaluation and interpretation of a study about student lifestyle and spending conducted in the first trimester of 2009. The evaluation is based mostly upon the survey data from 30 students yet also includes our opinions from speaking with students about the data.

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