Spiritual Healing

I would approach the administration with the conveniences of meditation and its benefits to both the hospital staff and patients. They are no extra facilities needed to carry out meditation sessions. However, care should be taken to ensure that the patient’s right has not been violated. The healer must take the patient through the importance and the purpose of the spiritual healing.

After informing the patient about the treatment, he or she should sign an agreement clarifying his appreciation of the treatment and that they consent to it. The announcement of spiritual services in the hospital can be conveyed through the hospital brochure and the annual newsletter. Relaxation is my preferred choice because it has both the physical and psychological healing effect. The exposure is repose and calm. Of all hypnotic phenomena, relaxation is the most consistently observed technique. An individual employs relaxaton by trance brought about by the participant himself.

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(Rajbir and Radhey 2007). Spiritual healing session that fails to consider the underlying psychological status is only based on faith and universal mutual understanding. It is difficult to document it because there are no laboratory experiments to back them. Such treatments make one emotionally vulnerable. The healer must make sure they are using a procedure that has scientific foundation.

In this book, the best mechanism is contemplation and meditation. It is my choice because it facilitates the connection between oneself and the Supreme Being. Meditation releases a person from stress, eliminates negative energies and enhances your spirituality. Experts in the field of medicine continue to appreciate that meditation a considerable influence on the brain-wiring framework.

Recently, study on meditation has shown that, meditation reduces risks of depression and mental breakdown. Over the past few decades, meditations have been researched and continue being researched, as a medical intervention in western culture. Meditation is one of the most vital components of any health plan. Its unique ability to elicit physical ease and mental stability. It provides a foundation for healing and directly influences ones ability to meet the challenges resulting from illness and chronic diseases.

(David and Nancy 2006). The relationship between treatment and diagnosis is often poor. Healers should present all available options and let the participant select one that suits them. Treatment duration should not be extended for the benefit the hospitals financially in expense of the patient. Patient’s right to privacy and dignity is paramount.

(Susan 1999).Currently there no known risks of therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch complements medical therapy, and it includes massage and relaxation.