Sport Injury

” Baseball had more than 170,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated hospital emergency room for basketball related injuries”(“Stanfordchilderns.

org”). Kids didn’t know the different kinds of injuries, what you should did if you get a injury , and how to prevent injuries. Different kinds of InjuriesThere’s a lot of different injuries in sports. There’s acute and chronic injuries. Acute occurs when playing or exercising.

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Here are some examples that acute causes: “sprained ankle, strained backs, and fractured hands”. A chronic injury is an injury that happens when you play or exercise too much.Chronic injury can make you sick or have a disease. Here are some examples of chronic injury: Sprained ankles, strained backs, and fractured hands. Here are some signs of acute injury: swelling, pain, and leg or arm weakness.

A chronic injury happen after you play or exercise. Here are some examples of chronic injury: pain when playing, pain when exercising, and swellings. These injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. When you’re injured you can get help.(Ray Fleming and Liaison, “Fast Facts About Sports Injuries”).

What To Do If You Get Injured There are lots of ways to take care of you if you get injured. These things can get you healed and back to normal so you can play and exercises. There is one thing you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t play through your injury. If you play through the injury it will make the injury even worse. The first thing you should do is call a doctor.

“If you call a doctor he or she would tell you what’s going and what you need to do”.” If you can’t reach a doctor you can rest and relax at your house”. You can’t be moving around.You should ask your doctor for items you can for you injury to recover.” You can put a ice bag where the injury is for about 20 minutes”.It’s important to rest because it will make injury recover faster and will be even stronger.

If you do these things then you will recover and no that what would happen if you get a injury. (Ray Fleming and Liaison, “Fast Facts About Sports Injuries”) How To Prevent Injuries There are many ways to prevent injuries. When you do a workout you should stretch before you start. This will prevent injury happening to you when you play or workout. “For kids, they should warm up before they play, you should be in condition, and wear protective cloths for the propert sport”. “For adults they should workout daily so they don’t get injured.

If adult’s don’t workout daily then they will have back pain, knee pain, and neck pain.” If you don’t workout everyday or if you workout once a day.This will prevent you having injuries and having to miss workout and games. This why that if you’re in shape the you want get this injuries. (Ray Fleming and Liaison, “Fast Facts About Sports Injuries”) ConclusionAs shown above, there are a variety of sport injuries and it is important to know how to recognize them and prevent them.

You have to take care of your body really well. Exercising can help you not get these injuries.If you play a sport it’s important to stretch and warm up before you play a game. If you know the different injuries, what to do if you get injured,and how to prevent them then you will be good. So what would you do if you get injured? WORK CITED Ray Fleming, Office of Communications, and Public Liaison. “Fast Facts About Sports Injuries.

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