Standardized Learning, The #1 Enemy of the Future

The biggest problem faced by students is the overuse of standardized learning inside classrooms to promote student learning. Many of these standardized learning lesson plans written by teachers often exclude the “learning” in standardized learning. Rather than standard learning, standardized learning forces students to complete rote memorization of filling in bubble sheets, any possibility of wholesome kinesthetic hands on activities such as projects and class activities that help students learn are removed in favor of test prep and boring lectures. Studies show that standardized learning fails because of this standardization that all students are subjected to, what professionals don’t realize is that not all kids learn at the same rate nor even learn with the same method. Since the introduction of No Child Left Behind introduced by Bush, this system of one standard has been hurting students throughout the nation.

Should a system that has been shown to be a failure continue to be implemented in our classrooms? Should we continue to crush creativity in our students?No longer should a generation of brilliant young minds be subjected to an unsuccessful system that legislators are forced upon them! A systematic revolution must take place in which ALL parents and children protest this unfair system which is damaging the young minds of today and tomorrow! No longer will students be categorized based on a single standard! No longer will they be a number within the system but instead, a unique individual different from other! No longer will we be the same! Rather than implementing standardized learning, legislators must learn to raise standards of learning itself.

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