Start Planning Now!

We hear questions about what our plans for the future are by what seems as too many people, but there’s a reason these questions are being asked.

The real question is how many students know the answers? An important question that is commonly asked to students is “what colleges are you interested in?” And along with future career options, this could be the most important one to know the answer. Knowing what college you want to go to or are interested in during high school helps you in countless ways, you can figure out what classes you are required or recommended to take before graduating, you can find the recommended GPA that college looks for, know in advance if you need to save up money, the list goes on. And the fact is, many students don’t know the importance of planning ahead, and they fall behind later. Most people would rather just get through their high school years only focusing on well, their high school years. However, things would get crazy their senior year with making sure they have enough credits, applying for scholarships, passing the tests they need, etc.

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Wouldn’t it just be easier to have that all planned out at least in junior year? On CollegeConfidential past, present, and future students and professors can talk through message boards and it is stated there that “High school students need to begin the process of exploring colleges as early as their freshman year” while some people might say that freshman year is too early, and saying “they’re just now coming out of middle school, they can’t think about college” However, middle school prepares you for high school, so should high school prepare you for college. Looking into this in freshman year means they have three more years to take according classes. Studies also show if a student has a goal, like wanting to go to a certain university, they will be more empowered to keep their grades up. The board also said if students prepare themselves where (location wise) to go to school, they can be prepared for staying close to home, or leaving. Giving them time to be independent and bracing them for the shock of being on their own. Other people might disagree with choosing a college without even know what career they are interested in, although that is a good point, everyone has subjects that appeal to them, so if a job is not clear, they can search for colleges with high ratings in certain fields to help.

Asking counselors would be a good idea also, do not think that asking them is wasting their time because they are there to help with anything. Although four years of high school may be dreadful, long and boring, once those are through there’s a whole new life to be lived. Instead of just jumping in, brace yourself for the new change and it will take the sting away. Start looking at subjects, careers, and campuses for your future. This will decrease the stress early and you can now enjoy your high school years knowing what lies ahead.