Starting Later to Do Better

With a new generation should come new changes.

In politics, we’ve accomplished that, electing Donald J Trump for our new president. In religious views, as we as a planet grow richer, we grow more secular. But what should change the most is society: education particularly. I advise schools to start the school day later. Even if that means ending school at 4 or 5, that’s still better considering the alternative: students waking up at 5 in the morning. Waking up even one or two hours later is a game-changer; expecting students to function properly at 7:30 after waking at 5 is preposterous.

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The later wake up times will contribute to increased performance on test, exams and quizzes; this would bring out the full potential of students. Instead of zoning out the teacher during a lecture due to disparaging waking hours, students would be more alert and ready to answer every question to the best of their ability. No more falling asleep on textbooks right in the middle of class, no more students complaining they couldn’t complete homework because they ‘were too tired.’ This new policy would also ensure the end to constant student annoyance and lashing out at others because they can’t stand the mornings, adding to a better social life for most. It is well known that teenagers tend to be hostile; why add to that aggravation with the stimulus of waking up early? The excuse ‘I was too sleepy’ would no longer be an option and students would be now forced to do what they do best: learn.