Statement of Purpose for Business Studies

I am entering the most crucial phase in my life; a phase during which I need to make significant academic decisions that will have a bearing on my future life and career. After thorough introspection of my strengths and interests I have concluded that a program that integrates Economics, Accounts and Business studies is the most appropriate choice for me. My father is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and Associate Cost and Works Accountant.

He works in the area of international development, handling loan disbursement, financial appraisal, review of accounts and audited statements of different development projects financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). He is presently posted in ADB, Manila and supervises the energy sector projects (electricity, gas, non-conventional) in South Asia.

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My mother has a post-graduate degree in History from Delhi University. She has taught History and Political Science to children of grades 9 to 12.

My family is professionally oriented and my parents would like me to focus and excel in the profession of my. They have always supported me, encouraged me to pursue my interests and helped me to hone my talents. After completing the tenth grade, inspired by my father, I chose to focus on the commerce stream which included courses on Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Accountancy and English. After completing high school, I would like to take up an undergraduate program in management where I would get an opportunity to study all the subjects that interest me.

I have maintained a consistently excellent academic record that showcases my suitability for further study. Furthermore, my involvement in all classroom activities underlines my interest in expanding my knowledge. In the ninth grade, I worked on a project on Political Science, which was based on a thorough study of the functioning of a coalition government. Through this case study, I could comprehensively understand the political system and the functioning of the government.

In the tenth grade, I completed a project on Disaster Management, which focused on the various techniques used in dealing with calamitous events such as floods, earthquakes and landslides, through which I familiarized myself with various methods of disaster mitigation.

In eleventh grade, I successfully completed a project in Economics using statistical tools of analysis. The project was to design and conduct a survey on the use of mobile phones and interpretation of the result using graphs, pie charts and percentages.

This project helped me comprehend the basic concepts of Statistics such as formulating appropriate questionnaires to elicit adequate and useful information, conducting surveys, using analytical tools of statistics, interpretation of results and conjecturing. I also undertook a project in Business Studies on Shares and Debentures and stock market. This project was assigned to make us familiar with the various financial instruments used in the stock market. This project helped me gain insights into the fundamentals of the subject and get an overview of the finance and the Stock market.

Recently, in twelfth grade, we were assigned project in Accountancy on the Analysis of Financial Statements. This project required us to take a company’s audited financial statements and analyze its operational stability and financial soundness with the help of accounting ratios, share price analysis and cash flow statements. This project has proved to be a ready-reckoner that has helped me understand several concepts through practical analysis and interpretation. Project work has helped to substantiate my knowledge, bolstered my confidence in my abilities and prepared me for the challenges of higher education.

I have been actively involved in various school activities, both academic and extracurricular and my stellar performances have won me recognition. My first leadership experience was when I was chosen as the school prefect in grade fifth.

In the middle school, I received a certificate of consistent performance, for achieving academic scores exceeding 90% for all three years. I have learnt Bharatnatyam, a a classical south-Indian dance form, rooted in devotion to God that goes back more than 2,000 years, from the Ganesa Natyalaya, Delhi for seven years.

It is performed to an accompaniment of the equally ancient vocal Carnatic music and an orchestra comprising a drum, flute and a stringed instrument. Bharatnatyam is taught by a guru (one-on-one or at most 3 to 4 students) over five years or more, before a candidate is judged fit to give a solo performance. The average solo performance in Bharatnatyam extends to more than 2 hours, with just a 15-20 minute break.

I gave my first public solo performance (debut) in April 2007. From the age of six, I have been exposed to Carnatic Music, a traditional south-Indian music form, which usually involves singing devotional songs.

I have secured several certificates from my school for excellence in music. Dance and music are pastimes that keep me stress free and provide peace and relaxation. I also love to read books as they help widen my horizons and help open the doors of my imagination. In the long term, I want to give back to society what I have been fortunate enough to receive.

I am considering two options – taking up a teaching career like my mother, or alternatively go into development banking like my father. Both are highly rewarding.

Teaching is a noble profession that transfers knowledge to future generations. There is a dearth of qualified teachers in India at all levels, with only a few bright and committed people opting for this demanding profession. Alternatively, I could go into development banking, where I will have the satisfaction of designing and implementing policies and projects that help bring about all-round economic development in different countries; thus aiding efforts aimed at poverty alleviation and providing a better quality of life for the common man.

I have consciously chosen an academic path that will qualify me for either choice of career five years down the line. I wish to achieve academic and professional excellence. An international degree from a renowned American university would be the first significant step in my quest of excellence. Education in the US requires thorough understanding of the subject, involves quality research and practical experience. I look forward to studying in such a merit-based, rigorous and challenging academic environment.

The USA is considered a pioneer in the field of higher education and provides exposure to the most recent developments and latest techniques in the field of economics, accounts and business studies.

The curriculum at ________ University integrates case studies, practical assignments and projects that would add value to my repertoire of skills and knowledge. On your campus I would receive international exposure and an opportunity to share knowledge and valuable perspectives with faculty and peers from around the world.

I sincerely feel that your undergraduate program in _________ blends the study of accounts, business studies and economics in an ideal combination that would help me to realize my immediate academic goals and facilitate my long term aspirations. Flexibility, adaptability, a high level of self-motivation, perseverance and application are my significant strengths. I would make every effort to make a valuable contribution towards enriching campus diversity and culture by sharing my background, knowledge and experiences. I would utilize my organizing skills in conducting campus activities and events.

I would be happy to share my knowledge of Indian languages, cultures and traditions and help to forge a better understanding among students from all over the globe. Most importantly, I hope to make a contribution to the academic arena by working on research projects. I would also get an opportunity to associate myself with various students’ organizations thereby developing strong and lasting connections with peers and alumni. I look forward to having an enriching and mentally stimulating learning experience on your diverse and dynamic campus.