Purpose Statement of the Study

The research will take a mixed approach of study that will take into account different surveys and facts obtained from interviews to capture the current education process and how much the patients understand it. Both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies will also be employed in order to provide a richer and deeper understanding of the problem being addressed. The research will be conducted by use of a multiple case design for both primary and secondary data such as examples of the information used. The primary data will be collected by pre-established questionnaires designed for the patients and health care staff. The study will focus on both dependent and independent variables. The dependent variables includes if the patients understand they are in a position to understand what they are taught and if the training is effective while the independent factors includes the trainings attended by patients and the impacts on the patient education in assocation with HIPAA regulations.

Ideally, the research design would include collaboration among nurse researchers with various strengths in research design and focus with the aim of improving the outcomes at the client level. The research agenda will employ the following: research related to intervention and education at individual and community level, targeting nurses as the providers, also targeted towards maximizing the potential of the appropriate use of nurses by system with health policy implication highlighted for future. Research variables will be briefly identified: autonomous, reliant, interaction, comparisons by employing a elementary statistical concepts that will provide the necessary foundation for more specialized expertise in any area of statistical data analysis. Generally, in correlation research, it is vital not to influence any variables but rather measure them and focus on their relations between a given set of variables such as cholesterol level and blood presssure. Independent and dependent variables will be manipulated and measured or registered respectively. Interview questions will be formulated requesting information on how HIPAA regulations are practiced in each physician’s office based on the education they receive.

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Apart from this, focus groups, observation and projective methods will also be used to determine how the office educates the patients on their rights and the efficiency of the training programs. Data will be collected from range of patients aged 18-65 from different health care physicians in the state of New York.The study will focus on these factors, population geographers examining the increase and decrease in population, peoples’ movements over time, general settlement patterns and other subjects such as occupation and the manner in which individual’s geographic character of a place is formed. Population geography is closely related to demography which is the study of population statistics and trends.