Solar Energy in the Philippines

As a tropical country, the Philippines has untapped vast potential of solar energy; yet In sass’s, solar application Is beyond the bound of possible solutions In rural, remote areas In the country. Thus in February 27, 1981, Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of the Philippines entered into a contract to develop applications of solar energy in the Philippines. This project was called the Philippine German Solar Energy Project (PAGES) which was funded by the German Fundamentalism for Questionnaires through the Cheesecloth for Questionnaires, and Philippine Office Energy.

The veering body of the said project was the Philippine National Oil Corporation through its Energy Research and Development Center.

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Solar power systems is done through the encapsulation of the solar energy from the sun through the photovoltaic (UP) panels which produce direct current (DC) power to run a DC appliance. Additionally, DC current can be converted alternating current (AC) to run AC appliances. The project was anticipated to solve the Nonexistence of electrical power resources to provide for the basic needs that immediately improve the lives of Filipinos in areas where electricity is not readily available.

The proponents point for analysis would be on 1988. This is based on the data given concerning the commencement of PAGES (Philippine-German Solar Energy Project) on February 27, 1981 to develop a solar source of energy In the Philippines and yet after 7 years, it was to be terminated at the end of the year unless they could have a local group who will deal with the project commercially. Ill.

POINT OF VIEW As for the case, the proponents view point will be coming from Mr..

Antonio Co, since he is on top of the situated problem given. Mr..

Co still is the overall in charge of he situation despite the fact that he appointed Bingo Dimidiate to do the legwork for him and confirm his Intuition that the project Is bright. Mr.. Dimidiate do the study and recommendation but the last say on whether the possibility of assembling the SSH units and marketing them to the Bursas community Is to be push through will still be coming from the manager and president of Alcoa group of companies to which Structural Inc. Is affiliated. V.

OBJECTIVES To determine whether the centralization of PAGES in rural areas in the country especially Burial Island is feasible. To determine whether to undertake the project before its termination date, end of the year 1988. To satisfy the rural electrification needs of sparsely populated areas in the Burial, Messmate. To establish a marketing strategy to the said project. VI.

SOOT AC To conduct a feasibility study regarding the possibility of assembling the SSH units To do a marketing strategy… Advantages Shows a theoretical assessment of how effectively and efficiently the project is.

Great assistance to the company Identify other rural areas who are in need of electrification to further widen the argue market The study would help relative to the proper operational strategies of the company Provides critical insights to the difficulties as well as the more relaxed aspects relating to the assembly of SSH units Anton Co would be able to maximize his limited capital Focus would be given to every aspect relating to doing the SSH units for Burial, Messmate The company would be able to focus more on the needs of their target market Help to assess the marketing environment on which they will operate They will know how to effectively reach their market They can identify what are the internal and external factors that may affect the equines Recognition of proper and effective pricing system that is in correspondence to the purchasing power of the target market Disadvantages To conduct a feasibility study is time-consuming Requires a number of people having the knowledge in the pursuit of the study It involves a large amount of money Strategies Communicate with Frank Schneider about undertaking the venture. Involve cooperatives and non-governmental organizations in the promotion of the system in the rural areas Carry out affective promotional activities such as seminars and advertising in the media.

The respondent’s choice of solar energy system, to give down payment, payback period and even to obtain a loan if they don’t have the money to pay for the system is given and the cost is computed to know if the project will be gainful or not. Lastly, potential customers and statistics of unlettered in the Philippines is shown to cite a possible share in the market in the country. As per recommendation, centralization of the Solar Home System is very much beneficial to the people in rural areas. Thus the following are suggested: 1 . Marketing The company should fulfill the requirements and expectations of their target market by providing products or services that will bring good outcome to their clients. 2.

Management Top Management and their subordinates as long should be part of the growing team of the company who set their full involvement to the company’s matters. 3. Human Resource Screening/Recruiting of applicants is very crucial. Only those who will meet the requirements would be eligible for the selective position. Division of work is strictly implemented.

All employees, staff or crew undertake specialized training activities to improve their knowledge and skills on various field of solar thermal technology. 4. Operations Full operation of the system shall be set with no problems to occur. 5. Financial Prices shall be affordable to the said target market.

Proper pricing strategy shall take into account. 6. Consumers The people must voice out their side on the Solar Home Systems.

The people especially those very much in need of the system must encourage more to add onto their force. Since we are in a democratic country, people are the boss and they must e heard.

The government must reach out to the people especially in the far-flung areas to know their concerns. Structural must be committed to optimize its social performance. The company must raise the awareness of its clients about the services being offered and the benefits and developments of that particular service that they will be involved. Comment, suggestions and problems of the people must be taken in part in the performance of the project for the better improvement of the.

With proper relationship with the prospective consumers will increase the trust of the people to support the said project. 7.

Team involvement/ Partner Although Structural and PAGES had been working for four years, team involvement and cooperation should be take into account between the two parties in order to solve the achieved the goals in this particular subject. It should be believes that a solution should be achieved in tandem with the team that will implement this solution on a daily basis, rather than imposed upon the team. In practice, this means that projects are primarily carried out through workshops that favor constructive debates.