Stuck in the Motion

Troubles of being a student, it’s the fact that an average teenager accomplish 6 hours of schools, 3-4 hours of sports or extracurricular activities, 30 minutes for dinner & about an hour spent on homework.

Within a 24 hour period, 5 days a week for 10 months straight. All throughout middle school I wake up so early & sometimes I be so tired I don’t want to go to school but I have to. I got to do it. Or maybe sometimes it’s hard to go to sleep & I have to get up at 7 to be at school at 8 o’clock. I believe high schools should start school around 9:30 am so we can get that little extra hour of sleep that can do so much for us students and teachers/staff members as well.

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Let’s say teachers for instance, can get up and run a few errands, plan the day out, organize work, do some grading, etc. Students on the other hand do some homework if they had a busy night, get a little early morning study time, or get some rest, eat a good breakfast, perhaps get organized & things like that. A lot of things can happen with the benefit of starting school just an hour and a half later. 24 hours in a day. We sleep about 8 of those hours so now we are about 16 hours left in the day. From those 16 hours we attend school for around 7 hours, now we are at 9 hours left it’s around 3 o’clock let’s say.

3-4 hours of practice depending on how coach is feeling. It should be around 8 o’clock, and we are just arriving home. 1 hour spent on dinner + cleaning. 9 pm & now it’s time to do homework and I know from experience a good hour is spent on that. Now it’s 10’clock and it’s time to get in the shower.

It’s around 11 now & I am lying in bed getting ready to fall asleep but depending on how you sleep it may be hard or easy for you to fall asleep. For me it is hard to go to sleep so it’s around 12 now and I’m just going to sleep. 6 hours of sleep I would have gotten on a typical average day, in this case is not healthy for a student athlete such as me, just to be at school at 8 and repeat this process 5 days a week. In closing, most districts should take matter into their own hands and realize that more sleep can benefit a person’s day just with that one little hour and a half. Increase students learning and expand their education giving them just a tad bit more of rest.