Student Pizzas

There are many restaurant that located in Phonon Penn City. Olivia Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurant in Phonon Penn. Olivia is mean that many different food is available here because letter L is stand for London , A is stand for America, V is stand for Vietnam, O is stand for Ocean, P is stand for Portland and I is stand for Italy.

This restaurant is located in front of Post Office and on the right hand side.

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I like this this restaurant because of some reason. The First reason is, there are many food there but the best food that I always prefer to eat is Beef Calhoun, Seafood Pasta and Calculate. Beef Calhoun is kind of food that contain raw beef mix with lemon and we can eat it with omelet . Seafood Pasta is kind of food contain spaghetti, olive oil ,onion ,garlic clove, paprika, tomatoes especially seafood like oyster and shrimp.

The Last food that I really love to eat is Calculate. Calculate is a nice food that similar to cracker but it’s contain mixture of meat inside. The second reason is, the staff in that restaurant was so pleasant to every customer. I can say that staff is very important to the restaurant so much because if the staff was not so mind and never be there for you when u need to order something probably the customer will don’t want to come again.

The last reason is , I can easily to eat because the chief there is already in advance to cook every food that I want to eat. Every food that I want to eat is always available for me even if it’s not in the menu of the restaurant.

All in all, Olivia Pizza is the nice restaurant that everyone in Phonon Penn should not miss it. It’s better to try new kind of food that we never eat, so it’ll be a new experience for those who never try new food and still go to eat at the restaurant that already been there for many time…..