Student Pressusre: Pushed to Far? – Free Essay

Students in high school today are stuck in a conundrum.

They are forced to so many different things and excel in each and everyone one higher than anyone else. Thus creating this always competing aspect too our lives. When actually excelling in one or more let alone all is next to impossible. But WE as the students do as we are told and continue on to take on these treacherous challenges. And some may as “why”? To which I respond because we have to do all this unless we want to be at the bottom the only way for it to stop would be to get every single person to achieve the bare minimum thus eliminating all the winners and the losers and creating and equilibrium.

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Between competing for the highest grades to get into college or the best skills in ANYTHING else from sports music arts clubs or actually working at a job when are we as kids supposed to do just that …be kids? There is no longer time to be young and free, because we are always working towards the unattainable… excellence in EVERYTHING we do. On top of the twenty clubs practices and engagements, students are forced in some cases by schools to take accelerated classes, like Advance Placement (A.P.) or dual enrollment (actually taking college classes at the local community college thus making us study harder and at a higher level. College should be saved for college and high school should be a time for kids to learn and grow culturally without the fear of not being the best of the best.