Student Unrest in India

Nowadays schools and colleges have become an abode of indescipline. Examinations are conducted with the help of police. T is to wipe out the existence of the coercive force.

When a father sends his son to a school,does he think that his son will become a thief ? Is it not an irony that parents spend their hard earned money to see their children indesciplined ? of such indescipline are that the students do not read properly and their teachers donot teach them well.

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Generally inefficient teachers are appointed by the managers on the basis of recomendations. Sometimes they select inefficient hands to pay less. Another cause is that the schools and colleges are overc-rowded. Tuition hunter teachers are vappointed to teach. Papers are out.

Students are tempted to go to the safest way of tuition. When their is no work indescipline comes in. Our Government is also responsible for this unhappy condition. Everyday books are changed and course are amended.

Different criteria are fixed.

Experiments are made at the cost of students` future. Another cause is the leaders of our country. They poison the mind of students. They go to the colleges and persuade them to take part in politics. They win them and use them against the Government.

: If we want to tackle this problem seriously, we should pay attention towards the students in right earnest. Teachers should work properly and the Government should watch the activities of the schools and colleges.