students being treated equaly

You walk in to school and you see a geeky little kid its a normal uniform day and you see him without uniform so you look at him and ask him do you have a demerit? He says “no”. They did give him one anything you do is a demerit he is a good kid nobody screams at him, he gets good grades and everything is fine; so I look at him and tell him if I did not wear uniform I would get a demerit. “How I get one and this other kid doesn’t. I feel that’s wrong every kid should be treated the same we all go to the same school, we all have classes. I feel this is unfair. There is a reason for calling people geeks nerds, and weirdos.

It is part of teen life. The reason is because you’re not like them! Everyone is different in their own way and people need to respect that. People have different views about what they see. If you were treated that way would you be happy? I hope the answer is no. it is a part of growing up to different kinds of people around you. If you would put yourself in their shoes, in other words that phrase means try seeing how a person getting bullied or beat up, how would you feel or react.

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All geeky, ugly, stupid, clumsy type people should be treated the same teachers should treat all kids the same no matter how they look it is their job to do this. I feel in this school everybody does not get treated the same.