Study on Knit Denim Strategy in Bangladesh ( I.E.Swot Analysis)

Project Plan Project Title: Optimization the process parameters for minimum wastage in the cotton spinning industry. Abstract: Wastages are generally produced during cotton processing for several reasons. It is the integrated mixer of micro, short, medium and longer fibers along with some other matters.

The important processing variables that influence the waste % in spinning process are raw material properties, setting points in blow room and carding machine, length measurement accuracy, can management, doffing time, working environment, yarn faults, settings of autoconer etc.

Proper controlling of wastages lead to proper use of raw materials, maximum yarn realization, better working environment, cost control, increase profitability and provide sustainability to spinning industry in the perfect competitive market condition. Some empirical relations will be developed between the processing parameters and waste %. The proposed project also gives better recycling techniques for proper uses of wastage to create various products.

This study attempts to place norms for minimum wastage without compromising with yarn quality in spinning industry .

Project work plan:- 1. Understanding about the wastage controlling and reduction techniques. 2. Raising the factors that are responsible for wastage generation. 3.

Developing the realistic ways to control the factors. 4. Collecting data from the different factories that are related to the title. 5. Making a comparative data table on influencing factors of different factories based on their data. .

Analyzing the data and providing norms for minimum wastage reduction with quality. 7. Placing prospects of the project with the perspective of Bangladesh. ———————– Signature………………………… Name: – Ayub Ali TTH ID: D-13 Institution: DUET Email:mayubtex11@yahoo. com Cell no: 01819- 82 25 40 Signature……………………………… Name: -Engr.

M. A. Shahid Designation: Assistant Professor Institution: DUET Email: te_shahid@yahoo. com Cell no: 01672- 12 29 66