Argumentative Essay on Success

When I see people like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers being incredibly successful, I sometimes think and wonder how they became so famous and have had so much success. Effort, hard work, maybe a little luck. These and many more qualities are needed for success. I have to practice, put in the time and effort, experience, a sense of urgency, leadership, and the will to do what I’m aiming for.

I want to be successful because I want to be known for being a successful person. The most important part to being successful is to practice. If I don’t practice, I will never be successful. When I first started football, I was not very good at it. After finishing my fourth year, I’m one of the best players on the team. I have gotten to where I am because I put in the time, effort, energy, and always want to get better.

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If I want to knock down passes in a game, I must practice before I can be successful at it. No one is a super god that can do whatever they want whenever they want. If I can, I am super incredible and should not be doing what I am. Practice is not the only thing I need to be successful. Hard work is also necessary.

Practice is important, but if I am practicing the exact same thing all the time or am not trying my best, I’m not going to expand my area of success. When I practice, I must work my hardest and make the time I put in count. Therefore, when it counts later on, I can perform to the best of my abilities and and get done what needs to be. I need to work hard and try Ir best because other people will see how much time I put into whatever it may be and it can make or break I later on. Another important part to success is experience. Without experience, especially if it is a difficult task, I can’t be successful very easily.

I would be considered very lucky if I did something right the first time with no experience at all. If I am working hard at bettering myself at practice, I will gain experience and get done what is expected of me. If I want to get an A on a test, I have to do the work assigned to me and do it properly the first time. If I do, I will gain experience with the material and do well on the test. If I don’t do the work and don’t do the practice, I will not get it done or do well on the test.

A sense of urgency is also needed to be successful. If I don’t have urgency, things will rarely get done. I will think I have all the time in the world and never get much accomplished. That is not the case, though. Even if I don’t know about it or there is no set due date, there is always a date where something is due. Better yet, I should treat everything like it is due right away.

If I do this, things will get done quicker and be done at a higher level of quality. It will also help I be more successful in my life. All of the qualities listed above are all important, but are nothing without luck. Luck is what makes everything possible. I have to be in the right place at the right time.

Luck is a good thing to have, whether it is good or bad. Even if it is bad luck, it is still better than no luck. If we did not have luck, we would not have anything. It is also a sign that better things are coming my way later. People also say that it is better to be lucky than good. I agree with this because luck normally comes when I need it most.

When I need to make a big play on the football field, I get lucky and make it happen. Success is one of the greatest things in the world. Whether it’s winning the Super Bowl, making it through Ir first date, making a new friends, or even passing a quiz, success is a great value to have. For example, I am a successful student athlete, friend, and family member. Unlike money, toys, or the newest line of technology, I can never have too much success.

When Vince Lombardi won the first Super Bowl, he was not content with just one. He wanted to win another. When he did that, he still wanted more. He always wanted to experience more success. I appreciate success because it can define a person. I never forget that I can never have enough success.