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The gross profit Your various analyses Report on the two companies As we all know, both of the two companies Tests and Ginsburg are major retailers in I-J. What they do is selling their high quality goods to the local people in their daily life, so both the two companies enjoy a good reputation. Tests focus on the feedback of their customer, they think the customer loyalty is an important element for their long-time business.

At the same time Ginsburg also has five mission statements, ouch as choose the best health food, respect for environment, and provide a great place for staff to work 0 Ginsburg, 2011).

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According to the finance statement of the two companies, it shows that both Ginsburg and Tests have made profits in the past five years. Though the earning per share, dividend cover and ROCK are higher, the development of J Ginsburg is not steady enough. For investors and shareholders, they pursue a firm increasing process in stead of taking more risks. On the contrary, Deco’s earning per share, dividend cover and ROCK are lower than J Ginsburg, but it rows slightly in the past five years.

On the other hand, as mentioned before, Tests could be good at using its working capital and having enough working capital to run the whole business.

It is better than J Ginsburg a lot. This phenomenon indicates that Tests has a good ability to cover its creditors. Consequently, Tests is more stable than J Ginsburg. For the entire business, it will make a little continual profit and have potential development in the future. But, for J Ginsburg, the big gap between earning per share, dividend cover and ROCK will cause the dissatisfaction of investors and shareholders.

Your advice to your friend: As a friend of you, I have a deep survey of the two companies Tests and Ginsburg. Compared with the five year finance statement, a lot of information has been included in it. Generally speaking, compared with the 2001 annual income, the Ginsburg annual income of 2002 is declined slightly. Because of cost savings, so the net profit also has a slight rise. Accounting to the financial data of five years, the fluctuation of income and profit is not stable.

The income during 98-99 years of is about 790, and the income down to more than 600 after 2000.

The 2000 income and profit have an obvious rise compared with 2001, and it also shows a trend of steady growth though the five years financial data. Combined with the words of Tests chairman, various aspects of performance is very good in recent years, the development of new market strategy is successful, in central Europe and southeast Asia, I think Deco’s financial performance is better than Ginsburg, more suitable for investment. If you want to invest a company and do not want to endure the risk of business, I think Tests is the better choice for you.